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To be recommended by the PGA Tour Partners Club®, two out of every three testers must approve of the price, ease of use, effectiveness, durability, and overall value of the product. The Club requires a minimum of 300 samples be submitted. We submitted 1,200 Rainchutes®,  and had only 12 negative comments...TOTAL...10 of which were that it only comes in black!! Rainchute® well exceeded the Club's parameters…and that was at a price of $15.00 plus shipping and handling! Below are some testimonials from PGA Tour Partners Club® members, and others. At the bottom of the page is a form you may use to submit your own review.  We ask only that you supply your first name or initials, and the state you're in. Thank you!


Gary Brumley: “The Rainchute® is a simple yet ingenious piece of equipment. Its’ primary function is for rain protection, but when not raining, it can be pulled over your clubs to keep prying eyes away. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, I got to actually use the Rainchute® for its’ designed purpose on a couple of occasions. It worked very well and was quickly put to use since I had it attached to my bag any way.”


S.A., Denver, CO: "We all got one in our goodies bags, and needed them for the last two holes. That's the first time I've gotten something in a goody bag at a tournament, that I'll keep on using."


Ted R, Emporia: "It took me a bit to figure out how to get it on. May have been too simple. Worked great, and beats carrying those big leaf bags."


Glynn C., Ft. Worth, TX: “We had just finished the 5th hole when the clouds opened up…it took me less than 30 seconds to cover and protect my clubs.”


E. O. Jr., Garfield, NJ: “It’s a handy product to help keep your clubs in good condition to play in the rain. It definitely keeps them dry.”


Gary Hollenbeck, Seattle, WA: “I live here in the Seattle area, so rain and wet conditions are common. This product was easy to install and did a great job of keeping clubs dry. It did take a little practice of getting clubs in and out, but once I used it a little this was not an issue.”


Harold Roberts: “The Rainchute® kept my clubs dry and held an extra towel, for nine holes of steady rain while my friends clubs got wet!”


David Cook, Michigan: “After a “rainy” cool spring in Michigan I have a “hot” dry grip on my clubs due to the Rainchute®. This product design is excellent for it just funnels the rain off of the clubs keeping the grips dry. It was very easy to put on your golf club bag.”


Thomas E. Miller: “Very simple to attach to golf bag. Easy access to clubs when in use, and just as easy to cover clubs back up during a shower.”


Richard Rhodes: “I recommend the product to all members, it is easy to use and you put it on your bag and not take it off.”


William L. Brannen: “The Rainchute® is a practical and affordable product to protect clubs from inclement weather. The Rainchute® keeps clubs dry and easily moves down the bag when not in use. The quality of material and workmanship is excellent and I would recommend the Rainchute® to all golfers.”


Michael E. Timmermen: “It is always on my bag and easily available in case of a sudden shower.”


Jeffery V. Dadmun, North East US: “Excellent tool to keep clubs/grips dry. Very helpful when attempting to play in wet spring time in North East.”


Harold A. Stutz: “The cover is very easy to install and the clubs are very accessible with it in use-very good product!”


Anthony J. Tanner, Ohio: “The Rainchute® was very effective. It kept my clubs dry and I kept my extra towels under it also, keeping them dry. Ohio Springs are very wet and this product came in very handy”


Kirk Bruce: “The quality of the fabric due to its durability and water resistance makes this product superior to others.”


Thomas Charbanneau: “I never thought of this type of cover before. I have had to use it twice and it worked great.”


Troy Ickler: “This product was durable, worked very well during a steady rain.”


Duane Hicks: “The nice thing about the Rainchute® is you can bunch it down and leave it on year round. It’s not in the way and very convenient.”


Joel R. Bowers: “This was easier to use than the golf bag cover when it started to rain.”


Michael Wilde, Davie, FL: “This is an effective, value priced rain cover.”


John Joyce, Louisville, KY: “The Rainchute® is easy to install and provides protection from the rain.”


MCM, Wisconsin: "Excellent design - I searched WWW and this was the best design, price, quality, very effective

and ease of use."


BRD, Missouri: "Worked like it said. Looks durable enough."


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